H M Revenue & Customs – Income Tax and National Insurance

64-8 -Appointment of agent

FBI2 -Authorising your agent to use PAYE/CIS online services (Internet)

SA1 -Registering for Self-Assessment

CWF1 -Notification of Self Employment

SC -Starter Checklist

P11d -Return of employee benefits in kind

P11d(b) -Employer’s declaration of benefits in kind

P38S -Student vacation work declaration

BR19 -Application for a State Pension Forecast


H M Revenue & Customs – VAT

VAT1 -Application for registration

VAT2 -Partnership details on registration

VAT7 -Application for de-registration

VAT427 -Claim to recover Input Tax – post de-registration

VAT484 -Notifying of changes to a VAT registered business

VAT652 -Notification of errors > £10,000

VAT 600FRS -Application to Join the Flat Rate Scheme


Companies House

AA01 -Change of accounting reference date

AA02 -Dormant company accounts

AD01 -Change of registered office

AP01 -Appointment of Director

AP03 -Appointment of Secretary

CH01 -Change of Director Particulars

CH03 -Change of Secretary Particulars

DS01 -Application for striking off

IN01 -Application to Register a Company

NM01 -Change of Name by Resolution

SH01 -Allotment of shares

TM01 -Termination of Director

TM02 -Termination of Secretary


Other forms

CHAL -Authorising Agent

IPS1 -Input Sheet 1

IPS2 -Input Sheet 2

P11DQ -Expenses and Benefits Questionnaires

TRQ -Personal Tax Return (Self-Assessment) Questionnaires